I am Anastasia, illustrator and visual artist from Siberia. 


I work at the point where primitiveness meets technologies. My inspiration are the traditions, culture and applied arts of ancient people, as well as the pristine, wild nature, which here, in my native land, you can still see and feel. I think this is the uniqueness that my drawings absorb. I'm particularly interested in working with clients who are committed to sustainable practice, intentional living and ethnic visual motifs.

There are some clients I have worked with: Anybe, Brandshop, The Fine Mascot, Music Up, Mint Carp, Greenwood. 

If you like my style and would like to work with me on illustrations for your project, please email me! 

Also we can just get to know each other, don't hesitate to write: "Hello!" and a few words about your project, perhaps in the future we will be useful to each other :)